Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth - Warsaw Summer Jazz Days '98

Allan Holdsworth - 54, Duncan Terrace
Allan Holdsworth - At the Edge
Allan Holdsworth - Atavachron
Allan Holdsworth - Looking Glass
Allan Holdsworth - Temporary Fault
Allan Holdsworth - Zone II

Photo of Allan Holdsworth playing guitarCountry: UK
Genre: Jazz
Info: The British guitar-player Allan Holdsworth died at the age of 70. The musician was active in more than one genre but jazzfusion was was his favorite genre. Allan began to play guitar when he was 17. He mostly played guitar with complex chords and solos. His first performance was in 1969 with the Igginbottom band. 2 years later Allan played in the jazzrock-band Nucleus and the progressive rock band Tempest.
After that he played in other progressive and jazz rock band like Soft Machine and Gong. He also released 12 solo albums as a guitar player. Many other musical artists where inspired by him. Frank Zappa once praised him as one of the most interesting guitar player of this planet. On what has Allan Holdsworth died? The cause of his dead is not yet known. It's still a mystery.