Alexi Delano

Member(s): Alexi Delano

Country: Sweden

Alexi Delano started Deejaying in the mid-1980's as his love for hip-hop, R+B, Funk, and Soul pushed him to spread his musical tastes to the world around him. Born in Chile, and raised in Sweden, Alexi started a radio show from a suburb of Stockholm at the tender age of 15.

Electronic music found in Spain
In the late 1980's, Alexi took a trip to Spain where he discovered electronic music and more specifically, house music. Upon returning to Sweden, Alexi's interest in electronic based dance music was born. Teaming up with his friend Cari Lekebusch, Alexi and Cari co-produced Alexi's first record entitled 'Life on the Other Side' for the Swedish based Loop records. After being received very well by the dance community, Alexi started to produce more and more for a number of different labels including Cari Lekebush's own imprint Hybrid, Tim Taylor's imprint Missile, Steve Bug's label Raw Elements, Plumphouse, Svek, Jericho, Primevil, Christian Smith's Strive label, Earthtones, and now Plastic City.

New inspirations
In the mid-1990's, Alexi relocated to NYC to seek both new inspirations while at the same time developing his skills as a musical producer. Since transplanting to NYC, Alexi has continued assaulting the dance floors world-wide with his DJing around the continent, many solo productions as well as collaborations with artists such as Jesper Dahlback (a.k.a. The Persuader, Cari Lekebusch, Casey Hogan and Lucas Rodenbush. Since arriving in NYC, Alexi has spent much of his time developing his A.D.N.Y. moniker. A recent long-player out on the Earthtones label collaborated with Jesper Dahlback as well as his A.D.N.Y. presents Leiva album on Plastic City are two of the most current projects. While, Alexi did collaborate with Casey Hogan on some of the tracks for Leiva, it is in essence his debut solo album.


Alexi Delano - Adjust the Frequency

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Alexi Delano - Solmogna (feat. Vicente Jaramillo)