Genre: Electronic

Style: Trance, Dance

Member(s): Christohpe Chantzis, Jimmy Goldschmitz, Pascale Feront (Vocals), Dallas Austin, Madonna Louise Ciccone, Shep Pettibone

Label(s): Do It Yourself Entertainment, Freestyle Records, A&S, Antler-Subway Records, Dos or Die Recordinge, Sony Music Entertainment

Distributor(s): A&S Productions; BE's Songs

Country: Belgium

This late nineties dance formation had a big hit with their first song Secret in 1998. This song was played in every club, party and discoteque around whole Europe and further and many remixes where made.


Absolom - Feel the Fire (Absolom Full Trance Remix)

Airscape - L'esperanza (Absolom Remix)

Aqualords - The Stuff (Absolom Remix)

Aqualords - Witches (Absolom Remix)

Astroline - Feel the Fire (Absolom Vocal Jam)

C2 Embrace - All I Wanna Do (Absolom Remix)

DJ Visage - Geil! (Absolom Club Mix)

Fiocco - Spread the Word Around (Absolom Remix)

Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the Sky (Absolom Remix)

Kraxler Und Schwarz - For Pleasure Only (Absolom Hardtrance Mix)

Lava Rouge - Do You Want Me (Absolom Remix)

Myst - Dream Melody (Absolom Remix)

O.R.G.A.N. - To the World (Absolom Remix)

Pulsedriver - Your Spirit Is Shining (Absolom Remix)

X-Session - Pump It (Absolom Remix)


After the Sun

Baby Boomers

Babyboom 2000

Feel the Fire

Fucking Baby Boomers

Relantos de la Humanidad


Silent Night


The Air

The Stomper

Where (Are You Now)