Absolom - Secret
Absolom - Stars
Airscape - L'esperanza

Absolom - After the Sun
Absolom - Alas de Libertad
Absolom - Baby Boomers
Absolom - Babyboom 2000
Absolom - Fucking Baby Boomers
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Absolom - Secret
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Absolom - Stars
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Absolom - The Stomper
Absolom - Where (Are You Now)
Absolom - SueƱos en la Realidad

AbsolomCountry: Belgium
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Dance
Members: Christohpe Chantzis, Jimmy Goldschmitz, Pascale Feront (Vocals)
Info: This late nineties dance formation had a big hit with their first song Secret in 1998. This song was played in every club, party and discoteque around whole Europe and further and many remixes where made.