3 Steps Ahead

Genre: Electronic

Style: Hardcore, Gabber

Member(s): Peter-Paul Pigmans

Country: The Netherlands

Peter-Paul (January 31, 1961 - August 27, 2003) was a Dutch producer of hardcore music. He was best know under his artist name '3 Steps Ahead'. 1993 was the year he began his career as producer. His first tracks appeared on 'Rave Records' and 'Hardcore Stuff Records' under the names 'The Illegal Alien and Silverbells'. In 1994 he was asked to produce for the 'ID&T' label and started with a new name '3 Steps Ahead'. The first tracks appeared on the EP's 'Step 1' and 'Step 2' where in co-productions with 'DJ Waxweazle' (Rob Fabrie) and 'Holographic' (Ed Bout). The cooperation didn't work and he decided to continue with a solo career but with name '3 Steps Ahead'. Pigmans' music always had a strong technical side, and his songs often featured atmospherical elements, an unusual thing in the genre of hardcore at that time. He was also known for his extremely wild live shows.
His biggist hit was 'Drop It' and in 1997 his first album 'Most Wanted & Mad' came out'.
In 1999, Peter was diagnosed with brain cancer. His fellow Dutch hardcorde producers organized a fundraising event in Zaandaam (July the 18th in 2003). A couple of weeks later, he died at the age of 42. Two months later, at the annual Thunderdome event, the party started with a one-minute silence in memory of his los.
Peter is also elected into the 'Thunderdome Hall of Fame'.


Junkie (4 Life)

Most Wanted & Mad


DJ Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy (3 Steps Ahead Remix)



Cloud 9


Cyberspace, Is Where I Live


Drop It

Drop It

Drop It

Fuck the Police


Gabbers Unite


Gangster (Feel So Good)

Gangster (Feel So Good)

Gangster (Feel So Good)

Good Time



I'm a Gabber

I'm a H.C.M.F

In the Name of Love

Interview with Channel 4

It's Delicious

It's X-Mas

Let's Have Some Fun

Love to Get Stoned

Me So Horny


Money in My Pocket

Most Wanted & Mad

Motherfuckers You're Gonna Die

My Mind Is Gone

Pain't It Black

Please Make Love to Me

Put Your Hands Up


So Much Trouble

Stravinsky's Bass

The Busy-Action Mix

The Sexy-Bass Mix

This Is the Thunderdome

Thunderdome Till We Die

Thunderscream: Thunder Anthem


We Need Things That Make Us Go

We Need Things That Make Us Goooo

Weekend After Weekend

Welcome to the Planet Steps

What's This?: Found a Tape