2 in a Room

Country: Washington Heights, US
Real names: Rafael Vargas (rapper), Elvin Ovalles, Winston Rosa, Roger Pauletta.
Genre: Electronic
Styl: House, HipHouse, Dance, Euro Dance
Info: 2 in a Room was an American House group founded in 1987. Their biggest hit was 'Wiggle It' in 1990. They came back in 1995 as '740 Boyz' with the hit 'Shimmy Shake'. After that they formed the, less known, group Fulanito. From then they made songs with a Latijn-American style.

Do What You Want
El Trago 'The Drink'
Wiggle It (Version 2)
Wiggle It

2 in a Room Express (Interlude)
Ahora Es
As it Grooves
Booty Hump
Bring It on Down
Butter's Kid
Crank It
Dar La Veulta
Do What You Wanna Do
Do What You Want
El Trago (The Drink)
Get Up and Move
Giddy Up
House Junkie
Hype Stuff
Jungle Style
Let's Go... Let's Go
Music's Hypnotizing
Powers of 2
Rock the Bells
Rock the House
Shake Dat Booty
She's Got Me Going Crazy
Somebody in the House Say Yeah!
Soul Train
Take Me Away
Turn Me On
Wiggle It
Wiggle It 2001