2 Fabiola

2 Fabiola Country: Belgium
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance
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Official Website: www.2fabiola.eu
Corporations: 2 Fabiola feat. Katie Michaelson, 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana, 2 Fabiola feat. Medusa, 2 Fabiola feat. Nunca
Info: 2 Fabiola is a Belgium dance act that has been lead by DJ Pat Krimson (Patrick Claesen) and Olivier Adams. This project started in 1991. Later on Zohra and Fabio where added to the project. 2 Fabiola refers to the Belgium Queen Fabiola (11 June 1928 - 5 December 2014). Pat Krimson had also a project as Leopold 3, also inspired on the Kings House of Belgium. Songs like Freak Out, I See the Light and Lift U Up where released with success. They had songs to fill 2 albums: 'Androgen' released in 1998. All in the style of the great nineties dance music. When Zohra quit the group and began her own carreer the project was on hold. The leading artist Pat Krimson made some songs on his own and some together with Nunca. Than he switched Belgium for Ibiza and enjoyed life for 10 years without producing any record. When he returned to Belgium he picked up the 2 Fabiola project again, now with the leading singer Lorenda. It became an international success story...
Latest success
The latest song 'She's Afther My Piano' was made in cooperating with Loredana. It became one of the best international hits ever for Pat Krimson. In the mean while Loredana has released 2 solo singles and is working on her solo album.


Freak Out
I'm on Fire

Feel the Vibe
Lift U Up 2009
Lift U Up
Magic Flight

The Milkyway (Remixes)

A World for U and Me
Back to the Nineties
Blow Me Away
Do You Remember
Doctor Disco
Don't Stop
Feel the Vibe
Freak Out
I Feel Like U
I Hate 2 Love U
I See the Light
I'm on Fire
Kunta Kinté
Let the Music Play
Lift U Up
Lift U Up 2009
Magic Flight
Me & U
Mission of Love
My Attitude
No Good
One Night in Dubai
Open Your Heart
Overdose of Love
Play This Song
Play This Song 2
Push It Up
Raise Your Hands
Release Your Soul
Rock It
She's After My Piano
Show Me the Way
Sisters & Brothers
Stargate 5
Summer in Space
Take Me Higher
The Afterparty
The Milkyway
The Milkyway Story
Trippin on Air
Universal Love
We Love the 90's
Yes I Know

Paradisio - Bailando (2 Fabiola Remix) Pat Krimson - Kinky (2 Fabiola Remix) Pat Krimson - Tapas Chi-Chi (2 Fabiola Remix)
Lift U Up

The Milkyway (Remixes)