2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

2 Brother on the 4th Floor Country: The Netherlands
Genre: Electronic
Style: Euro-Dance, Dance
Labels: Arcade, Bounce, Lowland, ZYX
Members: D-Rock (Rapper), Des Ray (Singer), Bobby Boer (Music producer), Martin Boer (Music producer), Da Smooth Baron MC (Ex-rapper), Gale Robinson (Ex-singer)
Info: 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor is a Dutch Euro-Dance group created in 1990 by brothers Martin and Bobby Boer. The group has had success all over the world. The current members of 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor are Martin and Bobby Boer, Dutch singer Désirée Claudette Manders, and rapper D-Rock.

The Boer brothers had already been experimenting with music in a small bedroom when they finally gained note in 1990, when their single 'Can't Help Myself' was picked up by Dutch radio stations and became an international hit. The brothers then brought together rapper Da Smooth Baron MC and singers Peggy "The Duchess" and Gale Robinson to form their stage act. The release of their second hit record 'Turn Da Music Up' helped the band to gain more success.
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor made two hit singles together before separating. Martin Boer moved into a new professional studio and started making remixes under the name Dancability Productions, making remixes for artists such as Becky Bell, Twenty 4 Seven and Luv', while Bobby Boer designed record covers and CD inlays for other artists.
In 1993, the group was revived. So Bobby joined Martin in his studio and a new hit wonder was born 'Never Alone'. A song with more power than their 2 first singles together. It became their best hit ever, all over the world. The song is still played today on the radio and party's.
After this success the style of their songs changed a bit. The singles from 1995 until 1997, like 'Fly (Through the Starry Night)', 'Come Take My Hand' and 'Fairytyles' where 'Happy Hardcore' orientated. The songs 'Do U Know' from 1998 has the opposite style and is a 'Low Tempo Pop' Song.
It seems that the group has been split in 2002 because the last single 'Stand Up and Live' has been released in 2001 and since then no new material has been released by '2 Brothers on the 4th Floor'.


Can't Help Myself (The Remixes)
Can't Help Myself
Fly (Through the Starry Night)
Let Me Be Free
There's a Key
Turn Da Music Up

All I Wanna Do
Can't Help Myself
Christmas Time
Come Take My Hand
Dance with Me
Do It
Do You Know
Dreams (Will Come Alive)
Euro Megamix
Feel So Good
Fly (Through the Starry Night)
Happy Hardcore Megamix
Heaven is Here
I Can't Believe It
I Can't Help Myself
I'm Thinkin' of U
Let Me Be Free
Living in Cyberspace
Mirror of Love
Never Alone
One Day
Stand Up and Live
The Sun Will Be Shining
There's a Key
Turn Da Music Up
Wonderful Feeling