2 Bald Men

Genre: Electronic

Style: Acid, Techno, Trance, Funk

Member(s): Jens Mahlstedt, Steve Mason

Label(s): Experience 2000

Distributor(s): Intergroove

Country: Germany

2 Bald Men is a coorporation between Jens Mahlstedt and Steve Mason. It began in 1999, when they released there first and biggest hit 'Acid Phonk'.
Jens, a German DJ, has also pruduced the supper dance hit 'Loops & Things' under the name 'Jens'. Jens began his DJ carreer in 1987 in the club 'Beehive' in West-Berlin. In 1995 Jens settled in Londen and begon deejaying in the local clubs. No a days its quit about his producing carreer. From time to time he now produces songs for plays.
Steve is a German DJ that played a lot of techno and funk from the UK. In 1995 he started his own label, Experience Grooves.


2 Bald Men - Acid Phonk (Baldies Tech House Excursion)


Acid Phonk



Bring the Drummer In

Cool Stepper

Down Facing Dog

Electric Cowboy


Fe Real

Forward Thinking


Jus' Want You


Morning Star

Mr. Groove

Nail Bytes

Pushin Harder

San San

Start from Scratch

Warple Way