Genre: Electronic

Style: Dance

Member(s): Amber Roos

Country: Belgium

13 AMPS is a Belgian DJ and upcoming talent in the music industry. At the age of 14 she made here first debut the single 'Living on the Right Side' together with Robert Abigail. Amber Broos (that's her real name) spins already on many party's. Festivals will follow as she has become of age. Her dream: playing a DJ set on Tomorrowland. But her first single she released is very promising.
Beside dreaming and making music she still needs to go to school. There she studies economics and modern languages in the third grade. Before she goes to school she checks the charts on iTunes and Spotify. Somewhere between Mojito Song' and 'Good Times'. A year ago 13 AMPS was elected by the Robert Abigail Academy where she was coached by Robert himself. The cooperation resulted in the song 'Living on the Right Side'. A very catchy song that gets you the summer feeling, and we must say: it keeps ganging in your head.
She inherited her musical talent from her father and mother. Her father is also a Deejay for over more than 25 years. You can find him deejaying on wedding party's and other events. Her mother loves music. If 13 AMPS need to perform than her parents are always in the front line.
It's so unreal what's she's been trough the last days she says herself. She will get her diploma because she believes that only the best deejays can earn their money with deejaying.