10.000 Maniacs

Genre: Folk


Blind Man''s Zoo

Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings of 10,000 Maniacs

In My Tribe

MTV Unplugged

Original Album Series

Our Time In Eden

Planned Obsolescence

The Wishing Chair


A Campfire Song

A Room For Everything

Across the Fields

All That Never Happens

Among the Americans

Anthem for Doomed Youth

Arbor Day

Back o' the Moon

Because the Night

Big Star

Candy Everybody Wants

Can't Ignore the Train

Cherry Tree

Circle Dream

City of Angels

Cotton Alley


Death of Manolete

Don't Talk

Dust Bowl

Eat for Two


Even with My Eyes Closed

Everyone a Puzzle Lover

Few and Far Between

Girl on a Train

Gold Rush Brides

Green Children

Grey Victory

Groove Dub

Gun Shy

Hateful Hate


Hey Jack Kerouac

How You've Grown

I'm Not the Man



Just As the Tide Was a Flowing

Katrina's Fair

Like The Weather


Love Among the Ruins

Maddox Table

More Than This

My Mother the War

My Sister Rose

National Education Week

Noah's Dove


Peace Train

Pit Viper

Planned Obsolescence

Please Forgive Us

Poison in the Wall

Poison in the Well

Poor De Chirico

Rainy Day

Scorpio Rising

Shining Light

Stockton Gala Days

Tension Makes a Tangle


The Big Parade

The Colonial Wing

The Latin One

The Lion's Share

The Painted Desert

These Are Days

Trouble Me / The Lion's Share [Digital 45]

Trouble Me

Verdi Cries

What's the Matter Here?

You Happy Puppet

You Won't Find Me There