(hed) p.e.

Genre: Rap, Punk, Metal, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rapcore, Rock

Style: Alternative Rock

Member(s): Paulo Sergio Gomes (singer), Doug Boyce (singer and turntables), Mark Young (bass guitar), Jackson Benge (Guitar), Trauma (Drums), Jerrad Shain, Wes Geer

Label(s): Jive, Universal Music

Distributor(s): Universal Music

Country: US (Californië)

Old members: Mark Bistany (Drums), Ben Vaught (Drums), Chad Benekos (Guitar), Wes Geer (Guitar), Sonny Mayo (Guitar), Ken Sachs (Keyboard), (Tim Murray (Singer), Devin Lebsack (Drums), Anthony Biuso (Drums).
Info: (hed) p.e., also called as (hed) p.e., was formed in 1994 by MC Jahred and Wesstyle. Their music is in the style of 'Rage Against the Machine', 'System of Down', 'Sex Pistols' and 'The Clash'. Jahred find this music special because the songs have a message in theire songtexts: fight against injustice. (hed)PE promotes political activism and empowers the youth.


(hed) p.e. - (Hed)Pe

(hed) p.e. - Blackout

(hed) p.e. - Broke

(hed) p.e. - Only in Amerika


(hed) p.e. -

(hed) p.e. - 33

(hed) p.e. - A Soldiers Intro

(hed) p.e. - Amerikan Beauty

(hed) p.e. - Bartender

(hed) p.e. - Bitches

(hed) p.e. - Blackout

(hed) p.e. - Bloodfire

(hed) p.e. - Bury Me

(hed) p.e. - Carnivale

(hed) p.e. - Cbc

(hed) p.e. - Chicken

(hed) p.e. - Circus

(hed) p.e. - Crazy Life

(hed) p.e. - Dangerous

(hed) p.e. - Darky

(hed) p.e. - Daydreams

(hed) p.e. - Dracula

(hed) p.e. - Everything All the Time

(hed) p.e. - Fallen

(hed) p.e. - Family

(hed) p.e. - Firsty

(hed) p.e. - Flesh and Blood

(hed) p.e. - Flesh and Bone

(hed) p.e. - Foreplay

(hed) p.e. - Get Away

(hed) p.e. - Ground

(hed) p.e. - Half the Man

(hed) p.e. - HED

(hed) p.e. - Here and Now

(hed) p.e. - Hill

(hed) p.e. - IFO

(hed) p.e. - Ken 2012

(hed) p.e. - Killing Time

(hed) p.e. - Live or Die Free

(hed) p.e. - Lost History Intro

(hed) p.e. - Middle Class Blues

(hed) p.e. - Mortgage Crisis Intro

(hed) p.e. - New World Intro

(hed) p.e. - Nibiru Intro

(hed) p.e. - Not Ded Yet

(hed) p.e. - Octopussy

(hed) p.e. - Ordo (ab Chao)

(hed) p.e. - Other Side

(hed) p.e. - P.O.S.

(hed) p.e. - Planet X

(hed) p.e. - Raise Hell

(hed) p.e. - Renegade

(hed) p.e. - Represent

(hed) p.e. - Revelations

(hed) p.e. - Schpamb

(hed) p.e. - Self Aware

(hed) p.e. - Serpent Boy

(hed) p.e. - Stepping Stone

(hed) p.e. - Suck It Up

(hed) p.e. - The Box

(hed) p.e. - The Only One

(hed) p.e. - The Truth

(hed) p.e. - This Love

(hed) p.e. - Tired of Sleep (T.O.S.)

(hed) p.e. - Voices

(hed) p.e. - Wake Up

(hed) p.e. - Ware