Tyler Pedersen - Swingin' Beyond

Tyler Pedersen - Swingin' Beyond (Album cover art) Year: 2019
Release date: 1 January 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Jazz, Blues
Style: Jazzy Blues
Members: Tyler Pedersen (Bassist), William Clarke, Rick Holmstrom, Nathan James
Label: Tyler Pedersen
Copyright: Tyler Pedersen
Medium: 1 Audio CD / Digital
Total tracks: 12 tracks
Total length: 38 min. 23 sec.
Info: This, totally instrumental, album is for people who likes to swing at the floor on some blues notes.

01. Swingin' Beyond
02. Chasin'
03. Whack n' Rolla
04. Hammin' It Up
05. Tropigala
06. Stompus
07. My Lament
08. The Shake
09. Titan Hop
10. Celeste
11. Extreme People
12. Song for Us