Amputated Genitals - Origin of Murder

Amputated Genitals - Origin of Murder (cover art) Year: 2019
Genre: Death Metal
01. Condemnation and Atrocious Embodiment of the Vile (The Beginning of a New Resurgence)
02. Primitive Killer (The Goddess of Vengeance)
03. The Blood Runs Once Again (Acaime - The Dream of El Dorado)
04. Impaled Conqueror (The One Night and Fire Gave Birth to)
05. Banished into the Eternal Torment (The Curse of the Golden God)
06. Carnivorous Battle Against Fear and Possession of the Mighty Wild (Let the New Order Begin)
07. The King's Crucifixion (Injuring All Believer's Ceremonies)
08. Abominable Thirst to Drink His Blood and Eat His Flesh (Rebirth of a New Territory from the Sorrow of All the Impure)