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zzongs is not another online music database or an online music library. This free music database came online because we love music, webdesign and IT. www.zzongs.com is everything of these things combined in one single project. The biggest project I ever worked on so far. Almost every day we put a lot of work, sweat and tears in this huge project but it's still in a hobby stage. We want to make a big difference in providing good content, yet clear and fast. We do this with an online music database like there is none of available at the moment. And this all for free. We approached the structure, the database and the method of how we wanted to make this music database from an other perspective than most developers do. The result: a revelation in how users can search and browse a database without getting lost. We let you find the exact information your're looking for presented in a fast, clean and understandable layout.
The zzongs database is regularly updated with news from the music business. New releases, artists and songs are regularly added to the releases section.
Not only popular artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, 50 Cent and Robbie Williams are included but also music by less popular artists from countrys all over the world can be found here. Also musical events, themes and charts or included in our website. We do our best to ad correct information about a song, an album or a compilation.
zzongs is an online place made by people who love music and is intended to be used and browsed by people who love music. Thanks for using our music database, enjoy our hard work and share it with your friends, colleagues and family.


144.674 artists
740.605 songs (exclusive remixes and other versions)
4.794 albums
147 Singles
113 Maxi-Singles
3.570 Compilations
35 EPs
1953 images (incl. cover art)
31 news articles
13 songtexts