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Spinal Tap spans million process: members earning less than 179 dollars in royalties. (8 February 2017)

Spinal Tap want to claim millions of dollars from the Vivendi media group and it's filmstudio Studio Canal. 'This is Spinal Tap' is a so-called mockumentary about a fictional band in which was derided with all the clichés of the rock biz. First it wasn't a big deal, but the docu has become a cult classic over the years. This way many generations of rock musicians and fans has been entertained since the release in 1984.

Nicole Scherzinger will be the new lead-singer for The Black Eyed Peas

Nicole Scherzinger

The Black Eyed Peas will soon be reunited but with Nicole Scherzinger as lead singer because Fergie is to busy making her new own solo album.

Loalwa Braz singer of the 'La Lambada' song dead

Loalwa Braz

The Brazillian singer, Loalwa Braz, from Kaoma famous from the 'La Lambada' song died, at the age of 66, in her car near her home in Rio de Janeiro. The exact cause of her dead is not yet clear. The song came famous in the eighties and was soled for over more than 5 million times.

Ariana Grande 2017 Tour

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande will start touring in February trough America and in May she will start touring in all the major city's of Europe.



This is a new reunion group by 3 ex-Spice Girls...

Red Bull Elektropedia Awards

These are the winning artists of the Red Bull Elktropedia Awards of 2016. Bazart - Best Artist of the year 2016 and Best Song for 'Chaos'
Roméo Elvis - Best Album 'Morale', Best Live Act, Chase Award for Best Belgium Urban Act
Charlotte De Witte - Best Producer
Amelie Lens - Best Breakthrough Artist
SX feat. Stefanie Callebaut - Best Video
Pomrad - Best Remix
TLP - Best MC

Bob Dylan didn't pick up his Nobelprice for Literature

Bob Dylon

The American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan didn't pick up his Nobelprice for Literature in Stockholm. This was announced by the Swedish Academie. Dylan brighter nevertheless stated that he was going to try to be present at the Nobel Prize Ceremony on December 10th 2016, but he's got 'other commitments'.
Dylan informed the Swedish Academy yesterday with a letter that he wanted to receive the award in person, but that it wasn't possible because of other obligations. He reaffirmed that he feels honored by the Nobel Prize. It's unusual for a winner to not pick up his prize, but not exceptional said the Swedish Academy.
The choice to assign the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan came as a surprise for Bob Dylan in October and drew criticism. Dylan waited two weeks before reacting, and said that he was 'speechless'.

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