Will Tura

Country: Belgium
Genre: Flemish
Style: Country, Gospel, Rock 'n Roll, Cabaret, Chanson, Easy Listening, Rap
Real name: Arthur Blanckaert
Info: Will Tura (Born in Veurne, Belgian) is a Belgium singer and text producer. For almost his whole life he sings live on stages in big concerts. He is called 'The Emperor of the Flemish Song', because of his continues success and notoriety as a singer. He can also play several musical instruments like the harmonica, the accordion, the piano and the drums. His first was at the age of nine as an yodeling cowboy. The young singer did also imitations as Gilbert B├ęcaud and Nat King Cole. For that last one, he made a song called 'Toen Nat King Cole van Liefde Zong', translated as 'The soul of Nat King Cole'. In 1957 he signed a record deal with the biggest Belgian label at that time, Jacques Kluger.
Will Tura was known for his biggest hit 'Eenzaam zonder jou' in 1962. The biggest Flemish hit ever made. He also made a rap song 'Moa ven toch', a disco-dance song 'Rendez-Vous in 2000' and lots of symphonic song together with a symphonic orchest. Some of his songs where covered by other Flemish singers, 'Urbanus' made a parody of Turra's hit 'Eenzaam zonder jou' and 'Noordkaap' made a rock version of 'Arme Joe'. He's success can be measured by the number of songs and albums he made. About 90 albums, and more than 600 songs are made by him.