Warp Brothers

Country: Germany
Labels: Dos or Die Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hard House, Hard Trance
Real names: Oliver Goedincke, J├╝rgen Dohr
Info: The German Hard House group 'Warp Brothers' founded in 1999, came famous with their biggest hit 'Phatt Bass', made of some samples out of the the song 'Confusion' by New Order. The DJ duo keeps playing at several big clubs and festivals like 'Studio 54 Las Vegas', festivals in St. Petersburg, Wales, New Zealand, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, Australia and many more.
Beside producing and deejaying this duo does also make remixes from the tracks 'Born to Bounce' by Brooklyn Bounce, 'You Are Alive' by Fragma, 'Techno Rocker' by DJ Balloon and many other songs has been treated with the sound, bass and 'Warp Brothers' beats.
Because of the songs and many remixes they made, they released 3 albums. Two of the albums are live mixed albums.