Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes

Ultrabeat - Pretty Green EyesYear: 2003
Country: UK (Liverpool)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, House, Dance
Real name: Mike Di Scala, Ian Redman, Chris Henry, Antony Cottrell
Label: All Around the World
Info: Pretty Green Eyes' is their biggest success song they ever made. The song is originally written and recorded by Force & Styles feat. Junior and is based on a girl named Sophie, who's dating a gentleman named Chuckie. It was a Happy Hardcore song that was released in 1996. When Ultrabeat covered the song it gained mainstream popularity in 2003, not only in the UK but also in many European country's like Belgium and The Netherlands. Many remixes of the song followed soon after the first release. The video-clip was filmed in London and features three young woman who are dancers in a strip club. They prepare them selfs by putting make-up on and than go dancing in the strip club until the concept switches to a nightclub than it switches again to the strip club. The video-clip is typified by the green clothes and lights and the green eyes of the girls. The members of Ultrabeat are also present as they sit down on some chairs in the strip club.