The Rolling Stones - Blue & Lonesome

The Rolling Stones - Blue & LonesomeYear: 2016
Release date: 2 December 2016
Country: UK
Genre: Blues
Members: Mick Jagger (vocals and harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar), Charlie Watts (drums), Ronnie Wood (Guitar)
Featuring artists: Darryl Jones (bass), Chuck Leavell (keyboard), Matt Clifford (Keyboard), Eric Clapton (guitar)
Producers: Don Was, The Glimmer Twins
Format: Album
Medium: 1 Audio CD / Digital
Total tracks: 12 songs
Info: This album takes you back to the roots of The Rolling Stones after more than a decade of musical silence. The album includes their passion for blues, that has always formed the heart and soul of their sound. This album is as a sort of Testament of the Rolling Stones for their love of blues that stood central in their music.
The album has been recorded in less than 3 days at the Grove Studios in Lonon, not far from the pubs of Richmond and Eel Pie Island where they began to play as a young blues band.
The want to create a sound that is as spontaneous as possible and that explains the very short recording time of 3 days. Everything was recorded live and no overdubs where done to make the tracks.