The Cats

The CatsCountry: The Netherlands (Volendam)
Genre: Pop
Style: Palingsound, Drama
Members: Cees Veerman, Piet Veerman, Arnold Mühren, Jaap Schilder, Theo Klouwer, Piet Keizer
Manager: Jan Buijs
Active years: From 1964 till 1985 with some pauzes
Info: The Cats were an English singing pop band from Volendam (The Netherlands). From 1968 till 1975 they where one of the most successfull band of the Netherlands. They had an extraordinairy sound names 'Palingsound' featured by the dramatical voice of Piet Veerman and the back vocals of the band, the compositions by Arnold Mühren and the studiowork by Klaas Leyen and Wim Jongbloed. The style was imitated by many other Volendam artists like Maddog, Left Side, Next One and BZN.

Hit records
Cees Veerman was originaly the leadsinger but from 1968 Piet Veerman did the A-sides of the singles. The first songs were covers after that work came more and more from their own hands like the hits: Lea, Why, Marian, Magical Mystery Morning, Where Have I Been Wrong, Let's Dance and There Has Been a Time. Their most selled record was One Way Wind.

The Cats soled over more than 13 million records. 36 songs came in the Top 40, 5 of them where number 1 hits.

On stage
The band performed national and international. Their favorite country's were Indonesia, Suriname and the Antillen. Two albums were produced in the US by Al Capps. In 1974 they did a sabatical year. In this period 3 members of the band made their solo albums. In 1979 they performed again together but after the last performance they split. From 1982 till 1985 there was a comeback.