't Hof van Commerce

't Hof van CommerceCountry: Belgium
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Flemish Rap
Memebers: Filip Cauwelier, Serge Buyse, Kristof Michiels
Info: 't Hof Van Commerce is a group located in Izegem (West Flanders, Belgium) with rappers singing in the West-Flemisch dialect. The main rapper and songwriter is Flip Cauwelier and is called 'Leverancier' in the songs. Serge Buyse plays 'Dommestik' and 'Buyse' in their songs. And Kristof Michiels is DJ 4T4 at duty.
Solo carreers
Every memeber of 't Hof van Commerce' has a solo carreer. Filip Cauwlier has a solo carreer as singer songwriter under the name 'Flip Kowlier'.
DJ 4T4 is the singer songwriter of Ultrasonic 7 with their biggest dance orientated hit 'Lips They Move'.
Serge Buyse is active as cartoonist and solo singer songwriter. His Englisch debut strip 'Adventures in Cult City' was released in Oktober 2010. His debut album 'Buyse' dates back from 2011.