Shaze Tempain

Shaze TempainCountry: Sri Lanka
Real name: Matarage Sajith Geethanjana Karunatilake
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Info: Matarage Sajith Geethanjana Karunatilake (born March 4, 1997, in Colombo, Sri Lanka), better known by his stage name Shaze Tempain, is a Rapper, Songwriter, Producer and Audio Engineer.
Since his pre-school to present he is a character who is always on the stage & winning 1st prices in almost every singing competition that he attends to. Shaze Tempain's first single named 'Rayata Sanda Se' was released in 2006, when he was 9 years old. Then he started to learn Hindustani Music & wrote exams in Bathkande Music University in Lucknow, India.
In 2009, when he was 12 years old he started composing music alone. No modern technology he had and he started from the bottom of the very bottom. With the time he did some certificate levels on audio engineering and composing and finally, after some experiments, He dropped The 'First Sinhala Rap Mixtape of Sri Lankan History', in 2015. Then he dropped second and third Sinhala Rap Mixtapes of Sri Lankan history on the same year.