Robin Schulz

Country: Germany
Real name: Robin Schulz
Labels: Tonspiel
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Dance
Info: Robin Schulz, born in Osnabrück, became famous in 2013 with his remix of the song 'Waves' by Mr. Probz. And out of the blue, the remix became more famous than the original song. It rocked all the charts in Europe.
In 2015 Robin made his first album called 'Sugar.' Many new influences from people he met during his touring are integrated in this album. The song 'Sun Goes Down' that can be found on that album is made by 'Robin Schulz' incorporation with 'Jasmine Thompson' is a huge success on is played on every radio stations across the world.
While he makes success of every sound he touch, he's known as a more reserved type that lives for the music, rather than being in the picture all the time.
As DJ, at the age of 17, he started playing in local clubs in rural Lower Saxony. Now a days he's traveling around the world to play in big famous clubs from New-York to Tokyo. He's also present at international events like the 'London's iTunes Festival, the 'Miami's Ultra Music Festival', the 'Ultra Festival' in Japan and many more events around the globe.
Meanwhile his songs like 'Prayer in C' incorporation with Lilly Wood & The Prick are rocking the charts and are rewarded with gold and platinum.
His starting career, with big success, earned him already a Grammy in the 'US Entertainment Industry's, a German ECHO award as 'Best National Dance Act'.
Robin, keep making such good songs and remixes so that people can enjoy your unique sound!