Regi of Milk Inc. at his keyboardCountry: Belgium (Limburg)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance
Real name: Reginald Penxten
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Info: Regi is a Belgian DJ and producer and has one of the longest careers on the Belgian Dance scene. First he made songs together with DJ Wout as the formation 2 in Da Bush. Later on he produced songs under the name Milk Inc. together with the lead singer Linda Mertens. In 2007 he made his first album 'Registrated' together with 13 different artists like Koen Buyse from Zornik, Tom Helsen and Scala. He made a second album 'Registrated 2' in 2010, an album of 2 CD's. Together with 24 artists, like Stan Van Samang, Danger Hardcore Team (D.H.T.) and Basto!. Because of the succes he mad already a second edition: Registrated 2. His style of electronic music is dance: a mix of a good beat, catchy sounds and a mega female voice, the definition of dance songs. In 2005, he begon with a series of mixed CD's called 'Regi - In the Mix'.