Pat Krimson

Pat KrimsonCountry: Belgium
Labels: Atmoz (Antler-Subway Records)
Real name: Parick Claesen
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Dance, Eurodance
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Info: Pat Krimson is a famous Belgian DJ, song producer and label manger of the Atmoz label founded in 1996. He is also the owner of the Atmoz Clubs in Hasselt and Turnhout. In the 90's he became famous as member of 'Leopold 3' and '2 Fabiola'. He also made solo released under the name Pat Krimson. On of his biggest hits in Belgium was 'Paranoïd in Moscow'. As manager of the Atmoz label he released the Atmoz compilations. The Atmoz compilations had always contained some tracks made by Pat Krimson him self. This way he was noticed by the mainstream and earned more brand awareness for his own name. Together with Nunca he released the song 'House of Doom'. At that point he was at the top his career and quit producing to live in Ibiza with his former girlfriend Ann Vervoort. It was like a second life for him. The relations between Patrick and Ann didn't stand out for more than 5 years. But he describes these 10 years as his wild years without producing songs but living a fabulous life and being a DJ for exclusive party's.

Second careered in Belgium
After these 10 years he went back to Belgium, more specifically, Zonhoven to produce some new songs. First his new releases didn't make him fortune until in, 2014, he made a big come back as 2 Fabiola and Loredana with the song 'She's After My Piano'. This song was one of the candidate songs for the Eurovision Song contest in 2014. It ended 2nd in the nominations. In 2016 he made the song 'Taboo' together with 'DJ Positiv'.

Patrick has a relationship with the 2 Fabiola singer Loredana since 2015. Professionally they work together from 2008. Though there is a big age difference of 21 years between them, this has never been an issue. Before Patrick met Loredana he was together with Jolijn. The relationship didn't stand long but Jolijn and Patrick do have a daughter called Troy. Before that Patrick was in a relationship with Ann Vervoort and ex-singer of Milk Inc. a production by Regi, the other Belgian King of Dance. Ann died in the night of 22 April 2010 at the age of 33.

2 Kings on the throne of the Belgian Dance Scene
Pat krimson and Regi know each other a while back from the early 90's. Their has always been a small clash between the two DJ's and producers but in a fun way. From 1995 until 2000 Pat Krimson ruled the Belgian Dance Scene with his solo project and 2 Fabiola. After he moved to Ibiza, Regi took over the throne in the Belgian dance world with his project as Milk Inc. and his solo project as Regi. The media often exaggerate the clash between these 2 deejays. In fact Regi and Patrick do not have any dispute. In the early days they even worked together.