P!nkCountry: US
Real name: Alecia Beth Moore
Genre: R&B, Rap, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul
Labels: LaFace, Arista, Sony (BMG)
Official Website: www.pinkspage.com
Info: P!nk (also written as Pink) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Her name 'P!nk' is based on the personage Mr. Pink from the movie 'Reservoir Dogs'. Some of their songs are related to her real life like the song 'Family Portrait\' that she wrote for her divorced parents. In the early years her music was more R&B and Soul based. As her success grow her music included more rock and pop elements.
She began to sing because of her asthma. She wanted to get her breathing under control by taking singing and ballet lessons, she even did football. Soon she realized that music was her favorite thing.
She got international attention when she released 'There You Go' in 2000 taken from the album 'Can't Take Me Home'.
After many success P!nk released the song 'Dear Mr. President\' in May 2007. It's a critical open letter to the former US President George W. Bush probably include the war in Iraq. It was such a success it broke the download record of the official Ultratop charts.
In 2008 she won an MTV Award for 'Best Live Performer'.
In 2012 her latest album 'The Truth About Love' was released.
Name variations: Pink