Kool & The Gang - Celebration

Year: 1980
Country: US
Genre: Funk, Disco
Label: De-Lite
Real names: Ronald Nathan Bell, Claydes Charles Smith, George Melvin Brown, James "J.T." Taylor, Robert Spike, Mickens Earl Eugene Toon Jr., Dennis Ronald Thomas, Robert Earl Bell, Eumir Deodato
Info: Celebration is one of the biggest hits of the Kool & the Gang band. This song has been nominated as the Best seling single in the Juno Awards. Even today radiostation and DJ's on party's bring this song to your ears. And than it's time to party!
It's been released on the album 'Celebrate!' and as 7" single version.
The song was good foor Platinum in Canada and the US en Silver in the UK. The composition of this song is written in the A? major.
In 1992 Kylie Minogue made an own version of '">Celebration'.