Kenny G

Country: US
Real name: Kenneth Bruce Gorelick
Genre: Sax
Style: Sax
Info: Kenneth Bruce Gorelick is famous by being a saxophonist. At the age of 17 he began to play in Barry White's 'Love Unlimited Orchestra'. His first solo album 'Kenny G' came out in 1982. But his breakthrough started with his fourth album 'DuoTones' in 1994. He also won a Grammy Award for the 'Best Instrumental Composition' for his song 'Forever in Love'.
Some songs of him where also recorded for the soundtrack for the popular film 'The Bodyguard' with Whithney Houston and Kevin Coster as leading actors.
His music seams to be very popular in the Republic of China, where his music is played as background music in many trains. When a long distance train reached his destination, his song 'Going Home' can be heard frequently.