Country: US
Real name: Edward Greene
Genre: Electronic
Style: House
Labels: Bumble Beats Records
Info: Edward Green, also known as Gusto, is an American DJ and producers of House music. His carreer began as rapper in the mid-eighties. At that time he established the 'Soul Power Label' just before he moved to the House Music of the early 90's. His biggest hit is 'Disco's Revenge' released in 1995. There came a new release of this song in 2008 as 'Disco's Revenge 2008' with a lot of remixes like there are the 'Freemason's' remixes and the 'Deep Dish' remixes of this well known song. The song has also been sampled by 'Harvey Mason' in the song 'Groovin' You' and coverd by 'El Mariachi (Latin House)', 'Dougal & Gammer' and 'Maxence Cyrin'.