Gabriël Rios

Gabriel RiosCountry: Puerto Rica - Belgium
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Info: Gabriel Ríos is a singer and guitar player. He began his music carreer by playing in a band called 'The Nothing Bastards' later on he established the group 'L. Santo'. A few years later he recorded his first solo album in 2014 under the name Gabriel Ríos. In 2005 he released the live album 'En Vivo'. In 2007 came the 'Angelhead' album. In 2014 he recorded his last album 'This Marauders Midnight'. This album is just Gabriel with his acoustic guitar.

Awards and prices
Gabriel Ríos won the 'European Border Breakers Award' in 2007.
In 2014 Ríos won a MIA in the section 'Hit of the Year' for his single 'Gold'