Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeCountry: Belgium
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance, House
Members: Dimitri Thivaios, Michael Thivaios
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Official Website: http://www.dimitrivegasandlikemike.com
Name variations: DVM, Dimitri & Mike, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
Info: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are 2 Greek born brothers living in Belgium. Beside producing electronic music, making remixes and deejaying they are the fathers of the Tomorrowland festivals. It started in Boom (Belgium) as one of the best, most spectacular festival for electronical music. And it most be said, not one festival is so spectacular as a Tomorrowland festival, it keeps surprising you time after time. Soon it became to big for Belgium, so a few years ago this DJ duo started a Tomorrowland festival in Atlanta (US) and there will be a Tomorrow festival in São Paulo (Brazil) in 2016. This DJ duo does mix their own Tomorrow compilations mostly extended with mixes of famous DJ's that also mixing on the festivals. Whow they have a lot to do, even for a duo. I wonder when they ever eat or sleep.

Prices and Awards
In 2014, Dimtri Vegas and Like Mike received an award for the best Belgiuan act on the MTV European Music Awards (EMA's) this was awarded in Glasgow on the 9 of November 2014.
2015: Best DJ's of the world according the DJ Mag nominations.