Depeche Mode

Country: UK
Members: Martin Gore (keyboard, guitar, back-vocals, texts), David Gahan (vocals, texts), Adrew Fletcher (keyboard, bass, management), Alan Wilder (keyboard, drums, texts, production, arrangement), Vince Clarke (keyboard, text)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synthpop, Pop, Alternative Dance, Alternative Rock, New Wave
Labels: Mute Records, Info: Depeche Mode is a British band that makes electronic music. The key ingredient of their pop music is the synthesizer. Their biggest hits are 'People are People', 'Just Can't Get Enough' and 'Enjoy the Silence'. The name of the group is inspired by the French fashion magazine 'Dépêche mode'.
The history of the band begon in 1976, when Clarke en Fletcher formed a band called 'No Romance in China'. Gore was at that time in a band called 'Norman & The Worms'. In 1979, Clarke founded a new band called 'French Look'. When Fletcher was added the name of the group changed to 'Composition of Sound'. When David Gahan connected to that band in 1980, the name changed to it's current name 'Depeche Mode'.
Enjoy the Silence
Samples of their biggest hit 'Enjoy the Silece' from 1990, has been used to make new electronic music. In 2004, remixes of this song has been released on Vinyl and CD-Maxi, including remixes of 'Timo Maas' and 'Golfrapp'.