David Guetta

David GuettaCountry: France (Paris)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance, EDM, House, Electropop
Labels: What a Music, Big Beat, Parlophone, Virgin, Capitol, Ultra Records, Gum, Fuck Me I'm Famous, Jack Back, GUT
Real name: Pierre David Guetta
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Official Website: www.davidguetta.com
Info: David Guetta is DJ, producer and remixer of electronic music. In 2002 he came famous because of his first song 'Just a Little More Love' together with Chris Willis. Since than everything he produced went on fire. And everything he touched changed in gold. Since that they many doors went open. He worked together with famous artists like Kelis, Ne-Yo, Akon, Nicki Minaj, Estelle, Kid Cudi, Kelly Rowland,The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Fergie, LMFAO, Ludacris, Steve Angello, Afrojack, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Avicii, Snoop Dogg and many other artists. He has also his own label 'Fuck Me I'm Famous'. He sold over more than 9 million albums, 30 million singles and was voted for best DJ at the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's in 2011.
In an old interview with a reporter he once said that he wasn't a hype but from 2002 he was a real hype for more than 15 years and still continues. In those day's he traveled the world around as DJ and met many people to corporate with and produce new electronical music. What once began in Ibiza has been spread around the world as wildfire.

David plays mostly some tracks of his own in his mixes in clubs and festivals but every set is different. The French DJ has to change his set every time over and over again because every public is different. Cultures can be very different even if it's in the same country. The first hour playing in France can give you a very different public than the next hour in Tokyo or New-York. People always react in a different way, every time. What work today, don't always work the next day, so it's always searching for new things. And even after being so many set, every time he needs to play he has stage fright.

David Guetta and his family
Traveling, deejaying and producing almost 24 hours a day, where does he find the time and the energy, and what about his family? Said enough in august 2004 he and his girlfriend Cathy decided to divorce after 25 years of being in a relationship. They have one sun called Tim Guetta born in 2004 February the 9th.

If he decide to have a little break than he goes back to Ibiza to chill out after a busy period. In his house on Ibiza he has a whole studio where he can produce new music while he's relaxing and enjoying the visits of his friend in the full summer sun. Mostly after such a summer he releases a new studio album.

In an interview David told us that he doesn't want to be a hype. He doesn't like hypes. He wants to avoid as many hypes as possible. There are always new trends coming up and young people throw themselves into it but less of them survive. You need to create your own musical identity hes says. Be proud on your own musical taste and don't try to use the easiest solutions. That means: Don't play the songs everyone plays. Be original in your choice of music and look for new stuff. Because trends and new currents disappear as quickly as they came. But there is also something positive with hypes. After a hype has ended, the best survived, the cheaters don't. The best will be included in the other currents.

Music as a source of inspiration
He listen to music every second of the day. He gets inspired by listening to other music. In he's deejay set he often dares to play a rock-song in a techno-set or he plays an old Depeche Mode song after a super rhythmic song. So every music genre is known to him.

Still the same guy
Now he's earning tons of money he still want to be that same guy of before he was famous. But that isn't easy, after what he realized, you has to be changed anyway. He know can permit things easier than before. He now can realize more in the musical area what he couln't earlier. He invest everything (time and money) in music.

The Guetta empire
The businessman in David Guetta made him richer. Together with his former wive, also his manager for years, they where owners of a few restaurants, nightclubs and many more. In that early period he was a real businessman. Now all this belongs to the past together with the divorce in 2004. The two sold everything so he could focus only on his music. From that day of Cathy runs the label 'Fuck Me I'm Famous' and David focuses on making music and spin records. Now he's a real music artist.