Country: Belgium
Genre: Belpop, Pop, Rock, Dutch
Style: Dutch, Rock
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Memebers: Koen Wauters (Singer), Kris Wauters (Singer), Bob Savenberg (Drums), Karel Theys (Bas), Tjenne Berghmans (Guitar), Tom Vanstiphout (Guitar)
Info: Clouseau is a Belgian rock band by the 2 brothers Wauters Koen and Kris Wauters. The group was founded in 1984 by Bob Savenberg and scored over the years with there big national hits like: 'Anne', 'Passie', 'Vonken en vuur', 'Zie me graag', 'Daar gaat ze' en 'Nobelprijs'.
The group's name is derived from the film character: Jacques 'Inspector' Clouseau. While working for local radio Ro in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Bob Savenberg often imitated the typical accent of this character. So in the studio Bob was nicknamed as Clouseau. When Bob founded a group, he chose his radio name 'Clouseau' as the group name.
Clouseau was found by the public on a show called 'Marktrock' at Leuven where they song there first single 'Brandweeer'. With the song 'Anne' they became second in the pre-selections of the Eurovision Song Festival. 'Anne' became an international monster-hit, the the group is still famous by this song.
Even today they make new songs and sing in big concerts.