Big Ali

Big AliCountry: US
Labels: Warner Music, Up Music
Genre: Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Electro House
Official Website:
Info: Big Ali is an American rapper, DJ and songwriter based in Paris. Before he performed as Big Ali he was know as 'Breakingz' or 'Grimmer'. In 2006 he coorporate with 'Bob Sinclar & Cutee-B feat. Dollarman, Big Ali & Makeday' made a hit record with the single 'Rock this Party (Everybody Dance Now).
He began writing lyrics at the age of 8, created a DJ's crew called 'World Famous Vynil Squad', had a radio show 'Full Thrtottle, was one of the 'Jumpoff' show, he hosted his own show 'The Magic Hour' in New York and on monthly base on Saturday he gives a show called 'Show Time' on Radio NRJ.
Big Ali worked together with many great French artist like, Jean-Roch, Bob Sinclar, Magic System and many more.