Beach House

Country: US
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Dream Pop, Ethereal, Indie Rock
Labels: Carpark, Bella Union, Sub-Pop
Real names:
Victoria Legrand (vocals, keyboard),
Alex Scally (guitar, bass, keyboard, backing vocals)
This duo from Baltimore (Maryland) was formed in 2004. Their first release 'Beach House' became famous in 2006.
The band has toured for many times and many years around the world, from the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to the Fuij Rock music festival in Niigata, Japan. They also appaered in the Late Show with David Letterman, July the 15th in 2012.
Some musicians that has been touring with Victoria and Alex are Daniel Franz and Graham Hill on the drums and he percussion and Skyler Skjelset on the bass.