André 3000

André 3000Country: US
Real name: André Lauren Benjamin
Genre: Hip Hop, Pop
Labels: LaFace Records
Info: André 3000 is an American rapper, producer and actor. He became famous when he worked as a member of the hip hop duo Outkast with their biggest hit 'Ms. Jackson', he wrote it to say sorry to the mother of his ex-girlfriend of that time. Beside rapper, producer and actor he plays musical instruments like guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone and harmonica. Sometimes people refer to André 3000 by using André 3K. André uses the name 'André 3000' as a funny character he plays. He worked together with big artists like Gwen Stefani, Kelis and Areta Franklin. In October 2004 he released his biggest album 'The Speakerboxx'. The album is been soled for more than 10.000.000 times.