Amadou & Mariam

Amadou and MariamCountry: Mali
Members: Amadou, Mariam
Genre: Blues
Style: Desert Blues
Info: These African artists perform on stage as it is always a party. They are assisted by guided because the two are blind.

African roots
This musical duo is born in one of the poorest country's in Africa and on top of that they are also blind. Speaking of tough start in life this can count. But the story of this Malian duo started long ago in the blind-school and it was love on first sight. He's a real guitar artist and good singer and she's a betters singer and together they sound like magic.

Musical history
Amadou & Mariam perform on stage as duo since 1980. But when Manu Chao produced their album 'Dimanche à Bamako' in 2005 hey came world-famous. From then on everything went fast. Together with Damon Albarn, from the band Blur, they made the song 'Ce n'est pas bon'. While the genre of protest songs has already collapsed under its own gravity and heavy texts, Amadou and Mariam sing crystal clear: 'Dictatorship and hypocrisy in politics, that is not good, we don't want this.'

Experience a unique style
The whole African arrangement will make you happy in an instance. You become lucky by the aesthetic experience because of the desert blues. It's always a big party when they occur on the stage with their blind guided Rodies. Then they keep standing as a statue on the same spot till the end of the concert, without any suffering of the ambiance. This is the opposite of many performances by artists like Britney Spears and other cheeky girls running around on the stage.