Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys cover pictureYear: 2003
Release date: 2 December 2003
Country: US
Real name: Alicia J. Augello-Cook
Genre: R&B, Soul
Labels: J Records
Format: Album
Medium: 1 Audio CD
Info: This is the second studio album by the American singer Alicia Keys. It was released in December 2003. The most know songs of the album are 'Diary', 'Heartburn' and 'You Don't Know My Name', 'If I Ain't Got You'. The album was soled for over more than 600.000 times in the first week after it's release. Eventually the album was soled worldwide for over more than 9 million times.
Notwithstanding that Alicia composited almost every track for this album she had the help of some great artist like 'Timbaland', 'Dwayne Wiggins', 'Kanye West' that brought contribution to this album.

Prices and Awards
In 2005 the album won a Grammy for the best R&B album.

01. Alicia Keys - Harlem's Nocturne
02. Alicia Keys - Karma
03. Alicia Keys - Heartburn
04. Alicia Keys - If I Was Your Woman
05. Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name
06. Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You
07. Alicia Keys - Diary
08. Alicia Keys - Dragon Days
09. Alicia Keys - Wake Up
10. Alicia Keys - So Simple
11. Alicia Keys - When You Really
12. Alicia Keys - Feeling U, Feeling Me
13. Alicia Keys - Slow Down
14. Alicia Keys - Samsonite Man