Albert Hammond

Albert HammondCountry: UK
Genre: Pop
Style: Pop, R&B, Country, Contemporary, Latin
Full name: Albert Louis Hammon
Official Website:
Info: Albert Hammond is a singer-songwriter and producer for about 50 years now. Together with Mike Hazlewood, he wrote several hits in the seventies as there are: I'm a train, I do not wanna in an air disaster. Beside singing he also plays guitar and piano. Albert Hammond is the father of Albert Hammond Jr., guitar player of the band The Strokes. After his birth in London, the family moved to Gibraltar and at the age of 16 they moved to America.

Biggest Hits
His relesed his first big hit 'Little Arrows' at the age of 24. 360 million copies where bought of this record worldwide. Other succes song followed like there are: 'The Air That I Breathe' and 'When I Need You'. These songs became classics. The Anthem song 'One Moment in Time' was written as theme song for the Olympic Games of 1988 and was a big success.