AbsolomCountry: Belgium
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Dance
Members: Christohpe Chantzis, Jimmy Goldschmitz, Pascale Feront (Vocals)
Info: This late nineties dance formation had a big hit with their first song Secret in 1998. This song was played in every club, party and discoteque around whole Europe and further and many remixes where made.

The duo worked also under other names like Astroline and Ian Van Dahl. They made remixes for Ace of Base, Fiocco, Future Breeze, Zohra and many more.

The act was put to an end in 2001 and Christophe Chantzis went to work on the Ian Van Dahl project that has many succes worldwide.

Jimmy Goldschmitz had his solo project with songs as Fargo, Panic and The Jackle. Together with Peter Luts he made the club track Horizon.