2 Unlimited

2 UnlimitedCountry: Netherlands
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dance, Eurodance
Producers and singers: Ray Stijngaard, Anita Doth
Info: 2 Unlimited was one of the best dance act of the 90's. This duo exists out of a Belgian music artist and a Dutch singer. From the early 90's they had big successes with some of their songs like: 'Get Ready for This', 'No Limit' and 'Jump for Joy'. Before 2 Unlimited they where know as Ray & Anita. Their songs are widly know an typified the sound of the 90's dance music. The song 'http://www.zzongs.com/Artists/-/2 Unlimited/2 Unlimited - Songs/2 Unlimited - Get Ready for This/'>Get Ready for This' is played many times on basketball and football games. It's an ideal hit to pump up the energy.