2 Eivissa

Country: Hamburg, Germany
Genre: Electronic
Style: Eurodance, Trance
Members: Ambrogio Crotti, David Lacera, Luigi Ricco, Terri Bjerre (Singer), Melannie Molinnus (Singer), Lian Ross (Singer)
Info: 2 Eivissa, famous from the song 'Oh La La La', was a group with German orgine. The sound of 2 Eivissa is sunny and cheery and does me thinking on the summer with warm beaches and palm tree's. 2 Eivissa was actually a project of Team 33. The most tracks were written by Ambrogio Crotti, Luigi Ricco and David Lacera. The vocals in on the first album 'Oh La La La' were Terri Bjerre and Lian Ross. 2 Eivissa was active from 1997 until 2005. Lian Ross is still active as singer.