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New song releases 2017 week 16

New EP by Prince released

Prince - Deliverance EP

A new song called 'Deliverance' is just released, exact one day before he past away one year ago. This song was recorded in 2006 and is now released on iTunes and Apple Music. A full EP with 5 more new numbers will be released exact one year afther Prince died. The songs are released by Rogue Music Alliance an independent label. The music has been written by Prince and Boxill but is never released before, not even on an album by Prince. The yields will go to the family-members.

2 Fabiola - Evolution

2 Fabiola - Evolution

New album by 2 Fabiola.

Serious Beats 86

Serious Beats 86

The new Serious Beats 86 is out now, with all the new electronic club tracks of the moment. Enjoy and party!

Trancemaster compilations

We are busy to complete all the Trancemaster compilations. They will be completed on one of these days.

XTC Trax compilations

XTC Trax 10

The label XTC Trax was active during the 90's and distributed mostly Belgian trance music. They also released 11 compilations with the best trance-tracks of that moment. Pure nostalgia.

Amadou & Mariame

New information added to Amadou & Mariame an African duo that is born blind. Once you ever hear them singing on stage you will love to hear more of them.

Drake - More Life

Drake - More Life

The new album by Drake has 22 new tracks and is released while he's bussy with touring. The album includes the top-songs Wanna Know and Fake Love.

David Guetta

David Guetta

New information added to David Guetta, one of most famous DJ's and producers of the electronic music business.

Regi in the Mix

The Regi in the Mix, compilations are now completed in the zzongs database. The Regi in the Mix compilations are mixed by Reginald Penxten. They are a Belgian product with all the finest dance, trance, house and jump tracks from that moment.

City Lights by Blanche


City Lights, the Belgian songs by Blanche that goes to the Eurosong Contest in Oekraine.

New Swoop songs added

Songs from the Dutch band Swoop are added to the database.

Ed Sheeran - Divide

Ed Sheeran - Divide

Newest album by Ed Sheeran.

Serious Beats special megamix

Special megamix editions of the early times are added to this section.

A Man Called Adam

New information and songs added from the band A Man Called Adam

News updates

Allan Holdsworth dead

The British guitar-player Allan Holdsworth died at the age of 70. The musician was active in more than one genre but jazzfusion was was his favorite genre. Allan began to play guitar when he was 17. He mostly played guitar with complex chords and solos. His first performance was in 1969 with the Igginbottom band. 2 years later Allan played in the jazzrock-band Nucleus and the progressive rock band Tempest.
After that he played in other progressive and jazz rock band like Soft Machine and Gong. He also released 12 solo albums as a guitar player. Many other musical artists where inspired by him. Frank Zappa once praised him as one of the most interesting guitar player of this planet. The cause of his dead is not yet known.

Ed Sheeran arranges plagiarism case for the song 'Photograph' with a prosecution

The composers who accuse Ed Sheeran of plagiarism, have come to a agreement this according to their lawyer of the BBC. In June Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington climbed to court because the song 'Photograph' is too similar to a song they wrote, titled 'Amazing', which was released five years ago by Matt Cardle, who won The X Factor in 2010. According to the composers their are 39 strings that matches with the song 'Amazing' and is immediately recognizable to the average listener.
Earlier this year the singer came into trouble because of possible plagiarism for his song 'Shape of You'. The song came under fire because it would have many similarities with 'No Scrubs', a 90-hit by TLC. The singer chose to officially recognize the the three musicians behind the song 'No Scrubs' as fellow composers for his song 'Shape of You'.
The plaintiffs in the case involving 'Photograph', originally demanded $ 20 million (almost 19 million) of Ed Sheeran. What amount they have agreed to the settlement has not been disclosed yet.

New video-clip for Major Lazer made by big stars

The new clip for 'Run Up' is made by big artists like Nicki Minaj and Partynextdoor. The director of the video-clip is Stromae. This is some kind of surprice. But he has the talent because all his shows as Stromae where directed by him self. The concept of the clip was to laugh with ourself while we where using our smartphone. They used exaggerations to let people think about some things. The hit 'Run Up' has already more than 200 million on Spotify and in the Airplay charts.

Rihanna's newest song 'Love on the brain' has similarities with a Dutch song by Drukwerk

The newest song 'Love on the brain' has much similarities with the song 'Je loog tegen mij' by Drukwerk. The music and melody is almost the same. The singer Harry Slinger is already informed but don't want money. He's above all proud. He doesn't think their is any deliberately involved when the musician of Rihanna made the song. The real componist of the song 'Je loog tegen mij' is originally composed by Kaspar Peterson so it's actually on him to dicide if their has to be taken action. But the singer is more than happy. The original song is still sung every evening in many Dutch bars. The text of the song is still strong and recognizable for everyone.

Partycruise The Ark, Tomorrowland on the sea

The Ark is a big dance-festival on a gigantic cruise-ship named The Freedom of The Seas. The cruising dance-festival on the sea does stop in the city's Barcelona, Marseille and Ibiza. The DJ line-up is full of famous Deejays like Sven Väth, Cassius, 2 Many DJ's, Felix Da Housecat, Regi, Yves Deruyter, M.I.K.E. (Push), TLP and many more. With stagehosts like Age of Love, Zundays by Zillion, Versuz, Kozzmozz, Pacha, Deep House Amsterdam and Strictly Rythm.

Beyoncé as main female rol in the Disney's remake of The Lion King


Beyoncé is on the wish-list of director Favreau for the remake of The Lion King. Beyoncé is already informed but didn't make a decision yet. That because she's pregnant of a twin. But this can not be a big issue because it is a role where they just need her voice. The Lion King is just one of the many live-action remakes Disney has planned. No old-school drawings but real CGI and 3D-animations will shine on screen.

No Eurosong for Kiev in the Future

The organizers of the Eurovision-song-contest are threaten to exclude Ukraine from future participations, if Kiev, the Russian candidate for the 2017 edition, doesn't allow them on their territory. This evident comes from a letter from Ingrid Deltenre, the president of the European Broadcasting Union (EUB) to the Ukraine premier Volodymyr Grosjman. The letter is just published in the Deutsche Welle and Kiev Vlast. Ingrid Deltenre find it unacceptable that the Russian singer Joelia Samojlova was excluded from the competition that takes place in Kiev. She demands that the Russian singer can go on Ukraine territory to take place in the contest. If not than the UA:PCB, the public broadcasting station of Ukraine, will be banded for future events. This would be the first time in the Eurovision history that this will happen. The exclusion can have a negative impact on the international reputation of Ukraine as an European democratic nation. All this commotion does other members think of if they want to continue or retract out of the game. The organization of Eurosong is frustrated and angry that the contest is used inside a conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian secret service (SBU) have refused Samojlova to entry the country for 3 years because she had given a concert in June 2015 at the Crimea, which was already annexed by Russia. Eurovision wanted that the singer still could participate. but the television canal Pervyj Kanal rejected a satellite link.

#Stepschallenge the newest on-line trend by the British 90's dance band Steps

A number of people on Facebook started a challenge, the #Stepschallenge. Who's nominated, has 24 hours to show the world that he or she has mastered the famous '5, 6, 7,8'-dance moves. If you succeed, you may nominate three other people. The band was very popular back in the 90's with million of soled records. Now in 2017 they will make a comeback with a new single 'Scared of the Dark' to promote a new album.

Sensation's last dance festival in the Amsterdam Arena

The Dutch dance festival Sensation organized by ID&T stops with the Dutch edition of the Sensations party's after 18 years. The Sensation party's began in 2000. In 2002 the Black edition started with hard-house music until 2008. The white editions was more Trance orientated. The dress code of the party's was totally black for the Sensation Black editions and totally white for the Sensation White editions. In 2016 the organization allowed a totally white and totally black dress code at one party. The party's where spread around in 34 different country's on 5 continents. Now only 1 final party is left to happen and takes place the in Amsterdam on 8 July 2017. Tickets can be bought online starting at 4 PM February the 27th. This also means that there will be a final compilation with the best electronic tracks of the period of 18 years Sensation. Sensations White compilations.

The Chainsmokers Memories Tour

In 2017 The Chainsmokers are doing their first American tour called Memories Tour together with Emily Warren and special guest Kiiara. The Tour starts on Thursday the 13th of April 2017 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami (Florida).

Music made by Prince can now be streamed

Hits like Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette could only be streamed on Tidal. But this has been changed because the famely of Prince has reached and agreement with Universal Music that will stream all his music on Spotify, Napster and Soundcloud. Apple music is also in the running but we haven't heard yet a thing about their plans with the legendary music of Prince.

Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has now started his 24K Magic World Tour at the Sport-palace in Antwerp. The world-tour will end in 2018 the 11th November in Los Angeles.

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